Las Enchiladas

All served with rice & refried beans.

Enchiladas & Carne
Two enchiladas mixed with Monterrey Jack & cheddar cheese, covered with tomatillo sauce, avocados, sour cream & served with steak fajita. $15.99

Fajita Enchiladas
Two beef or chicken fajita enchiladas topped with beef gravy & Monterrey Jack cheese. $11.99

Mexico Enchiladas
Two chicken enchiladas topped with Mexican mole sauce. Served with sour cream & queso fresco. $11.99

Chile con Queso Enchiladas
Two cheddar cheese enchiladas covered with chile con queso. $10.99

Ground Beef Enchiladas
Two ground beef enchiladas covered with beef gravy & cheddar cheese. $10.99

Cheese Enchiladas
Two cheddar cheese enchiladas, covered with beef gravy & cheddar cheese. $10.99

Spinach Enchiladas
(Ranchero sauce contains bacon) Two enchiladas with spinach, mushrooms & creamy sauce, topped with Ranchero sauce, Monterrey Jack cheese, sour cream, fresh sliced avocados & onions. $12.99

Enchiladas Verdes
Two chicken fajita or pork carnitas enchiladas, covered with tomatillo sauce, Monterrey Jack cheese, sour cream, onions & avocados. $12.99

Los Tacos

All served with rice, beans & pico de gallo.

Fajita Chicken or Beef
Two large flour tortillas filled with your choice of beef or chicken fajitas. Served with a side of chile con queso. $13.99

Crispy Tacos
Three ground beef or chicken Ranchero crispy tacos topped with lettuce tomatoes & cheese. $7.99

Pork Tacos
Two corn tortillas filled with carnitas, mixed with onions, peppers & cilantro. $11.99

Fish & Shrimp Tacos
Two handmade corn tortillas, fried or grilled topped with green & red cabbage & lemon creamy sauce. $12.99

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